Lessons I learned throughout the years

These are the typical lessons parents and teachers tell you, things I should have known, but I had to experience mistakes first hand to learn from them. In no particular order, here goes…

  1. “Taking risks” doesn’t mean I can be as reckless as I want, do whatever I want, whenever I want. Think through what you’re doing, and then go for it. (S/O to Elizabeth Xu; I’m pretty sure you phrased it the best to me during a conversation. You make me a better me.)
  2. The facade everyone puts on because society demands people to, it’s necessary. It’s annoying, yes, but deal with it. Tolerate it. There’s no other choice. Don’t try to be someone you’re not though. Draw the line between how thick the mask is. Balance is key.
  3. Don’t degrade yourself too much for putting it on. Don’t feel too fake. Yes, you have a mask on, but sometimes there’s thoughtfulness for others behind the mask. If not, make sure there is. You act all happy even though you’re not so your friends aren’t burdened by you. You smile on the outside even though you’re shattering inside because not only do you want to fool others, you also want to fool yourself.
  4. One ‘B’ isn’t the end of the world. There’s more to life than the mold society conforms all of us to. Don’t make that an excuse. Work hard, but move on if you don’t get what you worked for.
  5. Have a balance between conforming to society and making your own mark in this world. The mold society delineates isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just…repetitive.
  6. Be realistic, but embrace your inner idealism. It could do some good in this world sometime.
  7. Be assertive at times.
  8. Be productive in the day. Don’t pull all-nighters. (Thanks dad)
  9. Love yourself. “宠辱不惊”. Find the balance between that and pride, though. So basically stay true to yourself and don’t be swayed by what others say and do.
  10. At this time in my life, boys are insignificant. They’re stumbling blocks to my success and future. Become the best version of yourself first, and then think about relationships. Wait for the right one. Don’t try to go ahead of God in His plans. Live by His timing. (thanks mom)
  11. Learn from your mistakes. They’re there to teach a lesson. They’re imperative.
  12. Experience as much as I can. Learn as much as I can from those experiences. Love life. There’s only one of it, might as well live it well. Honorably.
  13. Listen to your parents…LOL. They know. They’ve been through it.
  14. Don’t stray too far away from God. Yes, see what’s out there, so you’re not ignorant and sheltered, but always find your way back. He’s worth it.
  15. Work as hard as you can. That way, even if your goal isn’t reached, you have no room for regret. (thanks dad)
  16. Math is extremely important. It’s a foundation for virtually every subject you’re going to encounter. Maybe even English, because math makes you logical. Try not to hate it that much. (lol thanks dad…but I still suck at it)
  17. When you’re passionate about something worthwhile, people see through that and will appreciate you for it. (thanks Mr. Filson)
  18. When you’ve hurt someone, even if you apologize sincerely, they’re not obligated to forgive you. You don’t get to choose whether or not you’ve hurt someone. Even if you deem your actions as righteous, and you’re able to justify them, that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve hurt that person. They have a right to walk away and not accept that apology. (S/O to Rebecca Xu for dealing with all of my crap and staying with me even though I’m stubborn and crazy and introverted and can’t stick with plans and ridiculous and impulsive at times and hard to be friends with.)
  19. Always try to see the good in people before you judge them. Look beyond their facade to their heart. (S/O to Carrie Xi for showing me what that looks like.)
  20. Everyone has their role in life and their way of living. Somehow, they were destined to do what they do and no one has the right to look down on someone for their occupation. The most subtle of occupations and the most in-the-spotlight of careers, they are all done by human beings, for they’re all purposeful in their own way.
  21. Statistics: Not all outliers are influential, but if you are influential, you are definitely an outlier. (S/O to Mr. Stein)
  22. Physics: No one gets the same resulting velocity when they’re at different reference points. In other words, no two people sees the exact same thing standing in different places. (S/O to Mr. Ferland)
  23. “We are going to be okay.” America went through a Civil War and a Great Depression. We can take this. “We fight. We don’t run.” -Mrs. Vandagriff regarding the 2016 election. (thanks. I was low-key freaking out a bit.)

(photocreds: KingofWallpapers)


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