Free Association writing exercise

My life really isn’t all that interesting at the moment, but I did hear about this free association writing exercise I want to try for fun. 

  1. find 5 random nouns
  2. write a story using the 5 nouns in 5 minutes

5 nouns I got using a random noun generator:






Here goes nothing:

In a way, the promise was plain, straightforward, doable: she was to contain her anger toward his unwillingness to work with her if he promised to let her revise his mistakes and do better next time. Simple, right? Not so fast. Their communication was like trying to play Mozart to a cow: it wouldn’t understand. It was like trying to display an array of iridescent beauty to one who thrives in darkness: they would only feel discomfort and ignore what was supposed to be the beauty. It was like…. (Time’s up!)

What on earth was that supposed to be….I wasted a solid minute thinking….is this supposed to make sense? and then went a minute overtime because I got caught in what this story was supposed to develop into. rip.

Trial 1: error….lemme go again.

5 nouns:



-refectory (ngl I searched this up, it’s kind of like a cafeteria)



In all the movies/TV shows out there, it seems as if everything exciting happens at the refectory. He was running as slow was a snail to get help. His sibling got an injury on his arm due to an attempt to finish off a fight by starting a fight with the leader of the pack. Ironic, right? Impulsive, right? Dumb, right? Yet it did end the fight. As soon as the crack and then the wolf-like howl reached everyone’s ears, suddenly everything became silent. Still, as if time had stopped. No longer were the bystanders screaming “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”. Once they stopped, (time’s up)

lmao what was that? someone plz tell me to get a life idk what I’m doing.

Trial 2: wth. one more time?

5 nouns:




-septicemia (blood poisoning)


No matter what he said to persuade him to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement, a firm and definite no was always the answer. The information for his recipe was valuable, indeed, but he also knew that he wanted to work with him for his brand’s name’s sake. It was one of the most trusted brands in all of Europe. Why would such a man want the information of someone like him? He was confused, miserable, hopeless. He decided to bargain about this situation over drinks one last time. The inventor ordered a Mimosa, the businessman a Negroni. So it went… (time’s up…it’s been up 36 seconds ago)


ok this was cringeworthy and harder than I thought

Trial 3: error

yeah bye I should go get a life….LOL


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