Thoughts on “Ode to Joy”(欢乐颂)

5 different personalities. 5 different backgrounds. 5 different stages in life. Somehow, the lives of the 5 different women this show has depicted reflect 5 different aspects of mankind at some point, whether they choose to show it or not.

10-57-19-94-19  Impulsive, innocent, yet honest and real characterizes Qiu Yingying. Sometimes she blurts things out without thinking, does things without considering, sees things without noticing, yet she will do anything for who she decides her friends are.






Quiet, gentle, yet hardworking and kind characterizes Guan Jun-er. Sometimes people see her as too much of a goody two shoes, too much of a rule follower, too much of a boring loner, yet she knows exactly who she is and what she wants, not allowing anyone or anything to distract her from her goals.




1803886-64be58993d2b4a57Vane, excessive, yet straightforward and ambitious characterizes Qu xiaoxiao. Sometimes she’s rude, sometimes she’s too much for anyone to bear, sometimes she has no filter, yet she has this distinct and interesting way of solving problems that makes her an excellent business leader and this unfathomable charm about her that never fails to attract people to her.



20161229024453188Pretentious, materialistic yet sophisticated and enchanting describes Fan shengmei. Sometimes she goes out of her way to hook up with rich men, searching for love but needing the money, yet she’s empathetic and compassionate, always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear for her friends when they need it.





10-54-52-53-19 Cold, practical, yet also capable of love and warmth characterizes Andy. Sometimes people naturally draw away from her because of the icy vibe she gives off, and the fact that it seems like she has everything: money, ability, competence, looks, a high IQ, a nice body, an admirable work ethic, and a suitable boyfriend. Yet, little did they know that her background has haunted her for years and that every single day of her life, she has to deal with the fear that a genetic disorder in her family might erupt in her own body, that she might never be able to have a real family of her own, that she might need to draw away from people and live alone for the rest of her life.


They’re all trying to live out their best lives. They’re all fighting for satisfaction, fighting for their dreams: promotions, freedom, friendships, family, a right to do what they want to do without holding anything back. They’re all craving love, everlasting love.

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But at the same time, the inevitability of life makes everyone deal with some sadness, some pain, some doubt, and some hopelessness. Situational factors beyond their control are a part of all of their lives; it’s how they react to those inevitable situations that shape their disposition. Facing the likelihood of contracting the genetic disorder, Andy may choose to cower in fear and shut everyone out, or she can choose to treat every day with gratitude and thanksgiving, attending to her responsibilities as CFO efficiently and making every moment with her boyfriend count. Facing her parent’s reliability and their favoritism toward her brother, Fan shengmei may choose to ignore their cry for help in her anger towards their unfairness, or she can work as hard as she can to provide for all of them and thank them for allowing her to be a stronger version of herself. Facing all the stress and criticism of becoming a CEO due to her parent’s help, Qu xiaoxiao may choose to quit and live off of her dad, a business tycoon, or she can choose to stay in her position as CEO and prove that she is competent, that her dad knew what he was doing by handing her money to create her own company. Facing her parent’s insistence on an arranged marriage, Guan Jun-er may choose to listen to their traditional values, that a woman should focus on family before her career and quickly find a husband, or she can choose to hold fast to her own values: do her own thing, get that MBA she’s been planning on getting, discover more of the beauty in this world in her passion for music, and fall in love spontaneously, instead of searching for love. Facing her low IQ and inexperience, Qiu yinying may choose to just go back to her parents and quit this whole fighting-for-more-opportunities in this big city thing, or she can choose to overcome her low IQ by finding the right job and working hard enough.


This cruel, brutal world may be unfair, but the one justice of all is the fact that no one can escape the valleys in life.

I learned to focus on what I can control, and that is my attitude towards situational factors beyond my control.


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