“Why” (by Sabrina Carpenter) is an analogy of you and I

To my best friend, Rebecca Xu:

“Tell me how we’re not alike, but we work so well and we don’t even know why” 

Do it. Tell me exactly how we’re not alike, and I’ll support your conclusion with a million examples. She likes plans; I like spontaneity. I like it when I’m able to follow a general plan for the bigger milestones in life, but take in the details day by day. Often times, though, I’m not allowed the luxury of having what I want, so her method of planning every detail works so much better. It’s something I can learn from her. But then again, when those situations where the unexpected does happen, I adapt to them more easily. She’s better with numbers and logic; I’m better with languages and emotion. Wait, but those are only two examples: 999,998 more to go! She likes it cool; I like it warm…

“You can call it fire and ice, but we work so well and we don’t even know why”

But fire and ice DON’T work well together, that’s the thing. Sometimes, she’ll be like “You piss me off more than any creature in this world” and I’ll brush it off, like “Yeah, when you say that too often it no longer has an impact on me.” Sometimes, I’ll be like “…what the heck, you’re so weird…I can’t deal with you” and she’ll be like “as if it’s soo easy for me to deal with you”. So no, it’d be disastrous to place fire and ice together all the time; it wouldn’t accomplish anything. But at the same time, the two extremes balance each other out, crossing each other exactly right…

“Funny how the stars crossed right, ’cause we work so well and we don’t even know why”

‘Star-crossed lovers’ is used to mean two lovers are destined to end in tragedy…but that’s if you have a strong belief in astrology and if you’re passionate lovers. We’re not. We’re friends. Best friends, who happened to have crossed paths, with our opposite personalities attracting and balancing each other.

Indeed, “I don’t ask for you to change… and you don’t ask for me to change”.

But humans are destined to change. I just hope that we can both change for the better, but never forget where we came from.



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