Thoughts on Wolf Warrior II

I honestly don’t think I’ve been this excited about a movie since the highlight of Jackie Chan’s career…or something.
Wolf Warrior II had EVERYTHING you need in a movie (or everything I need, at least): a billion explosions, action, a complicated but understandable plot-line, humor, sarcasm, an emotional buildup, heroism/bravery, just EVERYTHING [whoops that sentence isn’t parallel but I DON’T CARE cuz Wu Jing (the director/ main character) is a friggin genius!].
Everyone was fighting against each other: the government, rebel groups, warlords, the military, and Leng Feng (played by Wu Jing) is caught in the crossfire. He used to be a special forces operative, but he got kicked out for murder. As it was once his duty to protect the people, so he makes it his duty once again. He makes it his responsibility to save the civilians also caught in the crossfire, with China’s military as his backup. Even though it’s meant to be pretty nationalistic, I don’t think that was his main goal.
I think this movie was meant as a calling for the Chinese public to empathize with African civilians, telling them that some people in Africa need help. As a traditionally closed off country, China probably either knows very little about or doesn’t think very highly of Africa’s situation. If I’m assuming wrong and this isn’t the main goal, then I still think Wu Jing did an incredible job bridging the gap.
Besides the plot and the deeper meaning, the action itself was INCREDIBLE. I’m so thankful I got to see it in theaters for the full effect. He got all the details so right and so realistically. (Okay but how would I know? I’ve never actually been in a battlefield…). Fine, it SEEMED realistic. -.-
But speaking of that, I COULD ACTUALLY IMAGINE MYSELF FIGHTING ALONG WU JING LIKE BRUHH PLEASE CAST ME I’D GO ANYWHERE DROP ANYTHING DO WHATEVER ITS NOT EVEN TO BE FAMOUS ITS LITERALLY JUST FOR THE THRILL OF IT OMLLL (sorry I start run ons when I get excited XD). Throughout the entire movie all I wished for was to be there but still be alive by the end. Hahaa
Conclusion: 吴京导演,我可不可以在战狼3里当一个额外的人手?做什么都行!(Mr. Wu Jing, can I please be an extra in Wolf Warriors 3? I’d do anything!)
HA…gotta go back to reality now, goodnight!


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