Translation: thoughts on tea


  • “日子,不是忍耐,就是等待。不如以茶静心,过得从容。奋斗,不是忍耐,就是等待。不如以茶敬心,赢得坦荡。爱情,不是忍耐,就是等待。不如以茶净心,爱得真洁。人生,不是忍耐,就是等待。不如以茶尽心,活得纯粹。”

Every day is spent tolerating and waiting. With a sip of tea, I’d rather stay calm, spending it generously. Throughout the struggle for achievement, it’s spent tolerating and waiting. With a sip of tea, I will respect my conscious, winning my race magnanimously. Love, it’s either spent tolerating or waiting. With a sip of tea, I will purify my heart, to love genuinely. Life, is either spent tolerating or waiting. With a sip of tea, I will put all my heart, into living simply, virtuously.

(I’m sorry I really don’t know how to incorporate the parallelism…someone please correct me. also idk how to put all of “从容”’s connotations into one English word, I searched it up everywhere but nothing works.)


  • 烫茶伤人,糖茶和胃,姜茶治痢;饭后茶消食,空腹茶心慌;午茶提神,晚茶失眠;隔夜茶伤脾,过量茶消瘦;淡茶温饮,清香养人。——《饮茶歌诀》

Hot tea is hurtful; sweet tea is good; ginger tea cures dysentery. Tea after meals helps digestion. Don’t drink it on an empty stomach: you’ll get antsy. Afternoon tea perks up your spirits, but at night time it might cause insomnia. Don’t drink tea kept throughout the night, it damages the spleen. Too much is associated with weight loss. Drink it warm, the fragrance ignites vigor.

(cringe…shh I’m still practicing. What is “胃” in English? I straight up skipped it. Yes I searched it up but “stomach” can’t possibly cover it. )

Foto taza de te

  • “陈年普洱,认清自己,做独特个性的女人最美。铁观音,寻求内心的平衡,做最真实的自己。武夷大红袍,超越短暂流行,做最有品味的女人。白毫银针,勾起浪漫小奢情怀.”

Background info (some I had to search up XD): The older pu ‘er tea is, the more expensive it is (or should be. but not necessarily b/c corrupt markets and whatnot) because it ferments on its own through contact with the air, making it healthier for you. Tieguanyin’s (type of oolong tea) initial taste is rich, fresh, but the aftertaste is sort of fruity. Da hong pao is a type of oolong tea that is heavily oxidized and grown only in the Wuyi mountains, passed down for centuries. Yinzheng tea is a type of white tea associated with being the king of teas.

Translation- Pu’er tea: know yourself clearly, women emanating their own peculiar personalities are the most beautiful; Tieguanyin: find your inner balance, be the most authentic version of you; Wei yi Da hong Pao: surpass the fleeting trends, be a woman of sense; Yinzheng: occasionally, spring up a little romance and affection.


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  • “人生就像一杯茶。第一口苦,第二口涩,第三口甜。回味一下,甘甜清香。平淡是它的本色,苦涩是它的历程,清甜是它的馈赠。”

Life is like a cup of tea. The first sip is bitter, the second sharp, the third sweet. Looking back, it is all but a sweet and subtle fragrance. Simplicity is its nature, but the trials are bitter, and the gifts are sweet.

Source: 文摘汇


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